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TEKUNO Tea Sachets in Genmaicha, Matcha

TEKUNO Tea Sachets in Genmaicha, Matcha

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TEKUNO Tea Sachets in Genmaicha, Matcha.

A convivial mix of sencha, popped rice and matcha dust from our renowned Fukuoka-based tea producer. Our producer's full-bodied matcha powder adds texture and earthiness to the otherwise fragrant flavors of green tea.

Tekuno tea sachets are fully compostable, from the outer tea filter fabric to the interior box packaging. Sachets arrive packaged in our paper boxes—with design inspired by metabolic architecture and Japanese marumado—and may be recycled or repurposed for future use. Our tea sachets are produced in the United States and assembled in California.

  • ProducerHoshinohien
  • RegionFukuoka
  • CultivarVarious
  • NotesKorean scorched rice, portobello mushrooms
  • HarvestMay 2022
  • Quantity48g (12 servings)

About the producer

Nestled along the Yabe River on the island of Kyushu, Japan is the village of Yame, an area renowned for redolent green tea and matcha. A region rich in fertile soil, fog-shrouded evenings, and rolling hills, Yame has been perfecting green teas since Buddhist monks brought seeds to the region in 1423. Today, over 1,500 small scale producers craft the region's characteristically sweet teas (known as "Yamecha"), making up just 3% of Japan's tea production. In this region is Hoshino Tea Garden, a tea maker that we represent at Tekuno. Hoshino has spent the past 70 years perfecting their impossibly soft gyokuro, fragrant sencha, and piquant tasting ceremonial grade matcha, inspired by the region's natural beauty and the garden's pursuit of perfection.

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